Tadelakt (ta-deh-lakt) is an unforgettable waterproof plaster finish originating in ancient Morocco.  With a texture and patina unmatched by any other surface,  tadelakt has a feel that is soft as silk, yet hard like stone.  It has a rich depth of color and an appearance of aged leather.  It is a purely mineral based coating consisting of lime and crushed marble.   Tadelakt is naturally white in color and can be pigmented to match virtually any color palette.

Tadelakt is becoming a popular alternative to traditional bath areafinishes such as limestone and ceramic tile. It functions extremely well in wet areas and can form a seamless, monolithic finish for back splashes,  bathrooms, showers and other areas where awaterproof surface is required.  Because tadelakt is applied continuously as a plaster, here are no joints of any kind, makingtadelaktvery easy to clean and maintain.  It is applied by hand in a painstaking process and is patiently compressed to a dense, smooth finish.  When the timing is right,   black olive oil soap is applied creating a natural wax as it combines with the uncured lime on the surface.  When properly executed and fully cured, Tadelakt becomes very durable and water resistant.             

Artesano is the only installer of Tadelakt in Utah and only one of a handful in North America.  Ryan Chivers has traveled to Marrakech to learn the technique and has been performing extraordinary tadelakt finishes since 2005.  He has taught courses showcasing the technique throughout North America and Abroad.